eLlie hiatus! (get it? It’s like gLee hiatus, but no one cares)

So, after much deliberation, I’ve decided that Tumblr takes away too much of my studying time (read: all of it), so I’m going cold turkey until June, when my exams are over.

I’m giving Kathy and Shauna my password so I can’t go back on again (because I will). They may or may not post things in the meantime. It should be noted that if they post I have a gay face that that is LIBEL because it is incorrect.

My face is not gay.

It is beautiful.

So, Tumblr, I guess this is goodbye. It’s not you, it’s me. I think we should just be friends. I’m just not ready for a serious relationship. I think we could both just use some space right now, you know?

Let the record show - Ellie and Tumblr are ON a break.

(I’ll miss you all! See you in June! <3)